Friday, October 29, 2010

Video: The Next Stage of Internet Video - WebProNews

The Next Stage of Internet Video...

If you’re involved in social media and marketing, you know who Chris Brogan is. As the President of New Marketing Labs, he is very respected in the industry for both his knowledge and his personality. In this interview from the Inbound Marketing Summit, Brogan talks to WebProNews about his latest endeavor, The Pulse Network.

As he explains, this network is about building “content, community, and marketplace” around various channels. For the Inbound Marketing Summit, The Pulse Network sent live broadcasts back to their studio and incorporated live studio hosts and bumpers.

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Online video has seen many changes since its early days and more are expected to come. It’s a new and exciting realm but still has many challenges. For starters, the combination of the popularity of mobile devices and the talk of multiple tablets coming to market create format issues that need to be addressed.

Another challenge is the bandwidth issue. However, Brogan believes a bandwidth overhaul will be sooner than later. He goes on to say that phones will actually do what they are advertised to do on commercials.

Brogan also points out that HD consumption of online video is on the rise and will continue to increase. This is something that he previously did not think would happen, but he has been proven wrong.

In the end, just like many other areas online, good quality content will rule with Internet video.

“There’s going to be a lot of bleeding edge fallout, but I think also we’re going to see that the iteration process of that will be a lot faster,” adds Brogan.

In addition, Brogan touches on some of the primary topics discussed at the Inbound Marketing Summit. According to him, marketers now want to know specific numbers and statistics. They are also very interested in getting conversions and determining what works in the sales funnel.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Survivor Creator: What Kind of Idiot Changes a Successful Format? - WebProNews

Survivor Creator: What Kind of Idiot Changes a Successful Format? from WebProNews...

Mark Burnett, an executive television producer behind shows like Survivor, The Apprentice, The Shark Tank, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, and many others (he was even behind the MTV Movie Awards where Bruno landed on Eminem), took the time today here at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Vegas to draw some parallels between his experiences in television and searching for success in new media.

Frankly, he almost painted something of a doomy picture for those aspiring to find such success, discussing how truly hard it is to succeed. Success is unpredictable, but "the unpredictable nature is the creative driver" he said. He says shows like Survivor or American Idol are so successful in part to their unpredictability. You don't know who's going to get eliminated from week to week, compared to a show like CSI or House, where you generally know that the main characters will probably not die.

Interestingly enough, it's that same unpredictability that helps shows like Survivor and American Idol thrive in the social media universe. People get excited about who will win and who will lose, and they frantically discuss every week, all week, before and after and during the show.

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