Sunday, September 30, 2007

6 Effective Web Design Success Tips to Keep in Mind!

Here are Six Effective Web Design Success Tips for YOU to Keep in Mind when Designing a Search Engine and User Friendly Website:

1. Website Colors

Dark colors are generally a bad idea to use on a website as they appear gloomy. Try using light colors with a few strong colors to support it.

2. Load Speed
Keep your pages load time as fast as possible - people don't want to wait a whole minute just to load each page.

3. Site Navigation
Navigation. Keep your navigation accessible to your user where they can instantly have access to your site's content.

4. Consistency Throughout
Keep your layout and presentation consistent through your whole website. Always keep your navigation links at the same place otherwise it may confuse your visitors.

5. Website Width
Keep your website's layout at a fixed width of 780 pixels or use percentages for your site spanning. Everyone has different resolutions and people don't like having to scroll in all directions to view your website.

6. No Flash
Flash animations are nice, but make it difficult for people who don't have flash support and is harder for SE Spiders to crawl your site.

Hope these help!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Webmasters World PubCon Conference 2007 - Coming December 4-7 Las Vegas, NV.

Vegas Baby! PubCon returns to the city that never sleeps, full of energy and excitement.

This year's conference is jam packed with leading-edge sessions and one-of-a-kind presentations. Whether you are a newbie or an anchored old school - there is something big to be learned at PubCon.

WebmasterWorld's Search & Internet Marketing Conference (PubCon) will be held Dec 4-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Search engine marketers, optimizers, marketing executives, webmasters, affiliate managers, program and channel managers, purchasing agents and affiliates will be in attendance.

Register online early and save. Early signup periods may vary, so please check the registration page for the latest updates.

WebmasterWorld's PubCon History
It's that old the whole is greater than the sum of its parts thing all over again. PubConferences work because of one desire: to meet the folks you've read and heard about in forums and online news stories. The roots of PubConference stretch back into the late 80's when we held user group meetings around the then-called Power Elite BBS. Over the years, we have transformed and modernized the event to service the needs of the community and reflect worldwide changes.
I love attending this conference I hope to meet you there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

comScore Media Metrix Releases Top 50 Web Rankings for August

Education-related Sites Jump as Students Go Back to SchoolSports/Outdoors Sites Experience Gains as Fall Sports Season Kicks OffMega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Drive Traffic to Lottery Sites

As Seen On and --
comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties for August 2007. Education-related sites had a strong presence in this month's rankings as schools and universities across the country began another academic year. August also saw traffic increases to lotto/sweepstakes sites as lottery jackpots reached near record highs. Humor sites gained on the strength of Comedy Central's spike in traffic, and sports/outdoor retail sites grew in anticipation of the fall sports season. Read more...

Read the FULL release and SEE the Full List of Top 50 Rankings at:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yahoo Invites Us Into Mash, Its New Social Network - As Seen on TechCrunch

A little more than two months after TechCrunch first reported rumors about Yahoo’s new social network Mosh, the company has given us a preview of a social network with a slightly different name: Mash.

The service includes features common to Facebook, MySpace, and My Yahoo. You can load a set of modules onto your profile page and move them around drag-and-drop style. The modules include Flickr RSS, Ego Boost, Common Friends, MyMoshLog2, Blog Module (RSS 2.0), Asteroids, Astrology, PimpMyPet, Hover, Kaleidescope, Guestbook, and My Stuff.

The modules gallery also states that “in the coming months we’re going to open up our module development platform to 3rd party developers,” which suggests that Mash will be following in Facebook’s footsteps at least to some extent (it will be interesting to see whether there will be canvas-like pages, too).

Read the FULL article at:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Comscore Releases Video Study - Watch it Here...

Comscore released a July 2007 study involving video usage on the web. Google video sites came in at number one, while YouTube hosted 37% of Internet users. WebProNews took this information to the streets to find out what drives people to watch videos. For the results of the study and more details of the story, keep watching WebProNews.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Webcast of Internet Terms On Demand

Watch Erin Jansen, author of "NetLingo The Internet Dictionary" and founder of, as she explains Internet terms and brings online jargon to life:

kyteShareWatch it BigCreate your own TVResource:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How to Create a Higher Page Ranking - Watch The Video from WebProNews...

How to Create a Higher Page Ranking… Watch the Video...

WebProNews talked with Eric Dytzel from about a blog posting called “How I Went from 600 to 14 on Google in 100 Days.” He discusses the tips he found while researching SEO. We also talked with Aaron Wall from and John Chow from about tips to try when looking to gain page rankings. For more details, keep watching WebProNews.

Monday, September 10, 2007

5 Must Have Online Resources for Web Marketers...

Here Are Five More Great Must Have Online Resources, Don't Forget to Bookmark Them You Will Be Glad You Did...

1.) All-in-One List of Search Engines
Pandia Powersearch is our all-in-one list of search engines and directories. Search the Web using the search form above, or select one of the categories below to find the best Internet search tools.

2.) Word of Mouth Marketing Association - WOMMA - News & Blogs Overview. Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the official organization for the viral, blog, buzz, evangelism, influential, consumer-generated-media and word of mouth marketing industry. Events, newsletters, blogs and knowledge about word of mouth and word-of-mouth marketing.

3.) NetLingo The Internet Dictionary: Online Dictionary of Internet Terms, Acronyms, Text Messaging - NetLingo is a Google Top 1000 Website

4.) Search Engine Land: 100% Organic Archives - 100% Organic covers SEO and issues related to being listed in the free, natural or "organic" listings in search engines. Columnists write about optimization techniques, duplicate content and potential spam issues, how to submit to search engines and more.

5.) EMarketing Talk Show Free Internet Marketing Podcasts Covering SEO, PPC and Other Search Marketing Topics! Free Internet Marketing Podcasts and Training Covering SEO, PPC and Other Search Marketing Topics with interviews from Internet marketing experts on how to position your website in the search engines and marketing it online.

Happy Marketing!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Facebook Open To The World - Watch The Video!

Check Out This Video About Facebook's New Open Search... Very Interesting!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Highly Recommended Keyword Research Tools...

Here are Some Excellent Keyword Research Tools I Highly Recommend for ALL Marketers...

Overture Keyword Selector Tool:
This is a good first step to generate a basic keyword list of phrases containing the actual term you entered. Yahoo! has indicated that the search numbers are old and inaccurate so don’t count on exact numbers. However, it’s a useful tool to determine if a keyword is being searched for at all.

Good Keywords: (Free Download)
This free download for Windows users is similar to the Overture Keyword Selector Tool. It also has a feature that identifies common misspellings of words.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
Enter a search term or terms into the ‘Keyword Variations’ section, and you'll be shown other keywords that contain that term or are related to that term (synonyms). You can then sort keywords in terms of search volume popularity on Google. Google does not provide actual number of searches.

You can also use the ‘Site-Related Keywords’ section of the tool to identify the keywords of an existing web page by entering the page URL.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool:
Wordtracker has a robust fee-based keyword tool that’s popular among the SEO crowd. In addition, this free tool is useful for building a list of synonyms. Enter a search term and you'll be shown 100 potential keywords related to (and including it), ranked by daily popularity. You can also sign up for the free trial of the paid version (recommended) to dig deeper into related keyword terms. This is a great way to identify secondary keyword phrases.

Microsoft AdCenter Labs Keyword Group Detection Tool:
This tool will also build a list of synonyms.

Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool:
This tool provides synonyms as well and is very similar to Wordtracker’s tool above except that it ranks the keywords by annual searches as opposed to daily searches.

Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set Traffic Check:
Use this tool to produce an estimate of daily search activity for a specific keyword phrase across the major search engines broken down by Google, Yahoo and MSN. This one will provide actual numbers (but they are still estimates).

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool:
Provides aggregated data from the free Overture, Google and Wordtracker tools listed above.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

What is Social Media Marketing?

I Get This Question Everyday: What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and many others. The SMM goals will be different for every business or organization, however most will involve some form of viral marketing to build idea or brand awareness, increase visibility, and possibly sell a product or service.

Most online communities don’t welcome traditional direct or hard sell techniques so an effective SMM campaign will require more finesse to execute properly. SMM campaigns must be targeted to the community you want to reach with a message that appeals to them. Some common ways of achieving this are with authoritative information, entertainment, humor or controversy.

SMM is related to other online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Viral Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, and Social Media Optimization. Many believe Social Media Optimization (SMO) takes a passive role in establishing the framework for different social sites to connect themselves. Others feel SMO is taking the principles of SEO and applying them to social websites. SMM takes a more active planned role directing, influencing or suggesting community members create and connect the content.