Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SEO Video Tip: 30 Video Sharing Search Engines

Here are 30 SEO Valuable Video Sharing Search Engines...
  1. YouTube
    YouTube is the king of the video sharing sites, it has more users and videos than the others. Any video you can think of it probably already on YouTube.

  2. Google Video
    Since Google bought YouTube, Google’s Video player is mainly used for for-pay content like TV shows. Also there is a search here that indexes all of the video sharing sites on the internet (well, most of them).

  3. is the perfect video sharing site for video podcast makers. It’s designed to let them easily upload all types and qualities of media and then send them to their feed for the users. They also let you add ads to you video so you can make some money.

  4. Ourmedia
    A great site where you can upload audio, video, images, and text and share them with the world. The OurMedia community contains over 100,000 members.

  5. Veoh
    Watch long form, television quality content and publish your own videos.

  6. DailyMotion
    Video sharing platform with multiple video search options. You can join groups of people who publish videos based on a common interest.

  7. Metacafe
    A site that helps you discover the best videos through a community that filters, reviews and rates new videos every day.

  8. UnCut
    Video uploading and sharing community by AOL. Embed all the videos you want in your blog.

  9. ClipShack
    video sharing community that allows you to upload video clips, make friends, keep a collection of your favorite videos and comment on clips.

  10. 5min
    Video sharing site with a particular vision: collecting videos that can visually explain anything in 5 minutes.

  11. Brightcove
    Search, click and watch. Music videos, news, travel, recipes, adventure. Thousands of channels, including the best in online video.

  12. Viddler
    Viddler lets add tags and comments to video that will show up at specific times. It also has unique features like flickr and twitter integration.

  13. Revver
    The first video sharing site that provides users with the possibility to earn money from the videos they upload.

  14. Vimeo
    Vimeo is a video sharing site that has an emphasis on it’s users. The video’s you find there are more likely to be home movies or shorts by aspiring film makers, and also a lot of lip dubs.

  15. Yahoo Video
    Yahoo’s version of online video. Similar to Google video, but done the Yahoo way.

  16. HelpfulVideo
    Share your knowledge and skills with others for free or little charge via video clips.

  17. BroadbandSports
    A video sharing site specifically for sharing sports related videos.

  18. Travelistic
    A video sharing site that allows users to post video content specific to travel.

  19. Livevideo
    Video sharing site that lets you create personal channels. Upload your own videos and share them with the world.

  20. Kewego
    A video sharing network where you can upload your own videos and view videos by others.

  21. Godtube
    It’s a Christian version of YouTube. All things Christian welcomed.

    An interactive twist to video, this site allows you to view video and add interactive elements to it by using your mouse.

  23. Mediabum
    Video sharing site focusing on funny videos.

  24. VMIX
    Another video sharing website; All content is screened, so be sure everything you upload is legit.

  25. Grouper
    Video sharing site with a big selection of content; enables you to create playlists and easily upload videos to MySpace.

  26. Break
    Break is a video site and more for comedic based content.

  27. Videosift
    a Digg-like site which lets you submit, vote, and comment on videos.

  28. GeeVee
    GeeVee is a video sharing site specifically for sharing videos of game play in video games.

  29. Stage6
    A video site that uses the Divx player so you can upload High Definition video, of course this also means longer upload times, and you need DivX support (usually a browser plugin).

  30. Tube Battle
    vote for the best videos, organized by category.
Happy Viral Video Marketing!