Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20 Terms from the Web Success Team's Website Glossary...

Thanks to the I get to provide you a taste from their Website glossary:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A method of maximizing a website’s visibility on any given search engine for targeted keywords.

2. Aggregator – Also known as feed reader or news reader, aggregators are software programs that syndicates content such as blogs, vlogs, headlines, news updates and podcasts. FeedBurner is one example.

3. Alexa Ranking – Alexa is a web information company that creates tools for web developers and ranks websites based on traffic internationally.

4. Alt Tags – Words or phrases used as an explanation for links or a pictures that appear when a cursor hovers over either.

5. Analytics – Web software that indicates user activity on a site such as how many users visited the site, how they got there, how long they stayed, when they left, what keywords they used to search for the site and what links were clicked.

6. Anchor Links – Links that direct a viewer to another part of the same page. Anchor links are often used for One Page Wonder sites.

7. API – Stands for application program interface. An API is tools and protocols used to build software applications to make it easier to develop a program. Social applications also access information and update feeds.

8. Atom – XML language used in RSS and other web feeds.

9. Backlink – A hyperlink that links from one website to another, also known as inbound links. Backlinks are used in SEO because some search engines use them to determine ranking on SERPs.

10. Blog – An online catalogue of content. There are many forms of blogs such as video, journal, article content, etc.

11. Bots – Search engine robots that search through a website’s content. They determine which websites go under which keywords.

12. Branding – A method of positioning a company and its products and services to create awareness in the market.

13. Brand Image – A marketing tactic that gives consumers a specific image or impression of how the brand’s products and services are positioned.

14. Brand Loyalty – Consumer purchase and repurchase of a product or service under a brand name because they feel it is the best despite competition.

15. Campaign Site – A minisite that is targeted for a specific audience.

16. Click Fraud – When individuals continuously click on banner ads or program software to do so in order to increase revenue from a pay-per-click program. Click fraud is illegal.

17. Content – Information supplied on the web about a company’s products, services or related industry topics to help consumers make educated decisions.

18. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets is a new feature of HTML that allows users and web developers to control how web pages are displayed.

19. CTR – Stands for click through rate. It is the amount of times surfers click through to a website

20. Direct Response Marketing – A type of marketing that elicits a call to action from consumers.

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