Friday, July 06, 2007

Recommending The eMarketing Talk Show - Experts in the Field of Internet Marketing...

I highly recommend this really good online resource for Marketers: The eMarketing Talk Show, Free Podcasts, Tips & Resources from Experts in the Field of Internet Marketing...

The eMarketing Talk Show is an Internet Talk Show on Internet marketing topics. It offers audio files with interviewing experts on the various topics related to Internet marketing. A few thousand people listen to it each month.

The eMarketing Talk Show is broadcast live from World Talk Radio studios every Friday at 4pm PST. Past shows are archived and accessible 24/7 from the website. First launched in March 2005, the show has been met with overwhelming success and plans to continue the weekly podcasts indefinitely.

The show covers topics as varied as keywords, copywriting, website architecture, and blogs. From the very basics of building a search engine-friendly site to the finest details on how far you can go without getting banned from the search engines, the eMarketing Talk Show covers all the nuances of the Internet marketing world in weekly installments.

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