Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Ways to Distribute Your Content And Extend Your Brand

10 Ways to Distribute Your Content And Extend Your Brand

Share everything. Make it easy.

A positive experience with your brand lingers with those who encounter it. It can become part of their life experience, and people enjoy sharing life experiences.

Therefore, it’s important to provide opportunities and simple ways for people to embrace and share your brand content.

Here are 10 ways to distribute your content and extend your brand:

  1. Multi-Channel Distribution
    Use multi-channel distribution mediums like Posterous allows you to assemble your content in, and send it via email. Simply send an email to Posterous with your formatted content attached. PDFs, text, images, even video are immediately forwarded to multiple social sites of your choice. Once distributed, users or fans can easily share your branded content with others.
  2. Widgets
    Use widgets like Share This, Add to Any, or Add This to enable single-click sharing on other web sites and social media pages.
  3. Micro-blog
    Create an account and build a following of constituents, friends, like-minded individuals, clients and prospects on a micro-blogging site such as Tumblr, or Twitter. Post short messages with information or links to your content and users can re-blog posts of interest. You can also feed your micro-blog to your web site, Facebook page or other online destinations for real-time updates.
  4. iPhone apps
    Aggregate your content from multiple sources into a custom-branded iPhone app where fans and affinity groups can follow the content from your blog, web site, and social communities, all on one portable device.
    Give your content away in the form of portable ebooks, white papers, digital audio and video downloads. Spread the word.
  6. Flash drive
    Hand a prospect or influential person your content on a portable device like a branded flash drive. Encourage them to share its content with others. They’ll remember you and your company when they use the drive for their own storage and file transport needs.
  7. Incentivize others to share
    Create a contest or sweepstakes to pull people to your content, then encourage and incentivize them to share it with others.
  8. Think about the copyright
    Use Creative Commons to manage the proper usage of your shared content on sites like Flickr; it protects you, the author, and facilitates liberal sharing of your content.
  9. Share the responsibility for content creation
    Extend the reach of your content to different audiences and demographics by collaborating from the outset to make your content, “our content.” When people share in the process of content creation they become invested and far more apt to share the experience and results with people they know.
  10. Branded Watermarks
    Tastefully embed a logo or other watermark in the corner of your photos and encourage users to make them their own in device backgrounds or other digital applications.

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