Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Bing Is Growing, Innovating, and Competing from WebProNews Video

How Bing Is Growing, Innovating, and Competing...

In an effort to contend in the search race, Bing is continuously rolling out new products and initiatives. The search engine’s efforts appear to be paying off since recent data from Experian Hitwise, comScore, and Compete all show that Bing’s market share is growing. Google, on the other hand, lost a small percentage of its market share.


At SXSW, WebProNews spoke with Stefan Weitz, a director with Bing, about this growth and what the search engine was doing to leverage it. According to him, the search industry is not a “zero-sum game.”

"For us to win, somebody else doesn’t have to lose,” he said.

In other words, he believes that all the search engines can expand on one idea and take it in new, and multiple, directions. Competition is tight, but as a result, it produces more new concepts and experiences. Bing, for example, has recently introduced several new projects. The search engine partnered with DealMap in order to bring great deals from popular sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial to users.

Bing has also launched Project Emporia that puts a new approach on personalization. The project is powered by its Matchbox technology and enables the engine to build profiles that offer better recommendations to users.

Weitz told us that Bing would continue to pursue these areas, along with social search, mobile search, and more, in order to provide a simpler and better user experience.


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