Friday, December 16, 2005

Did You Shop Online This Christmas? I Did!

I did most of my shopping Online this Holiday Season and found it to be a very pleasant experience, so far so good!

I am reading about how many of us bought our Christmas gifts online this year and I am not surprised at all...

There are so many benefits of doing your shopping online,
verses offline, here are 5 benefits that I personally experienced:

1. Saved Gas - not having to drive all over to find the perfect gifts.
2. No Crowded Malls or Long Lines - more fun to shop without the crowds!
3. Huge Selections - biggest selection in the world without leaving your home.
4. Great Prices - I found that I actually saved money by shopping online.
5. Less Stress - was able to shop 24/7 on my own schedule, very convenient I did not feel the stress of trying to find the time to get all my gifts in a small time frame!

I hope you had as good of an experience as I did shopping online this year!
I will follow up after Christmas with the final results of my gifts being delivered timely!

So far everything has been delivered on time, even early!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!

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