Monday, January 16, 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT: Offline Website Driver That Generates Online Web Traffic! A Must Read...

As Promised The Web Success Coach Introduces: Offline To Online Web Driver #1, The Magic Web Wand...

Generate More Traffic to Your Website!

Here’s how the promotion works:

Step 1: A customizable scrambled secret message is placed on your website.

Step 2: You then mail or hand out the “Branded Offline Magic Web Wand” with a call to action, offering a free prize or to enter a contest.

Step 3: This drives the recipient to visit your website, hold the Wand over their monitor to reveal the secret message and claim their prize.

The Offline Magic Web Wand has a very high conversion rate and can be imprinted (branded) with your url or special web driver message.

Most importantly it is a inovative way to collect email addesess for future online marketing purposes.

Contact me today for more information on how "The Magic Web Wand" can help YOUR business!

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