Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Testing Keyword Phrases For Age Demographics

The Google Ageshare Calculator...

The Google Ageshare Calculator shows you what age group mentions any given keyword or phrase the most, according to Google search results. For example, the brand name "Ford Taurus" goes to the 30-year-old crowd, while "Jeep Grand Cherokee" belongs to the 44-year-old segment. The phrase "internet marketing" is heavily weighted to those 40 to 46 years old, while "online marketing" skews more to the 30 to 32-year-old crowd. How is this calculated? We're not quite sure, but there is a lengthy explanation of the algorithms and logic used to generate the calculations should you wish to explore further. This tool is brought to you by the people at Google Blogoscoped, an unofficial, highly regarded blog on search engines and Google.
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Great tool for testing keyword phrases for age demographics: http://blog.outer-court.com/ageshare

I saw this tool and feel in love! I hope it helps you with your niche target marketing efforts in 2006!

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