Sunday, March 26, 2006

Have You Seen The Business Strategies SlideShows? SlideShows showcase some of the business strategies and ideas from related Inc. articles.

These 5 links below are my personal favorites...

1. 10 Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World - These 10 have left indelible marks on their markets and industries. They have also changed how we live and the way we do business.

2. Self-Made Entrepreneurs - See 10 entrepreneurs who faced incredible odds and rose from humble beginnings to start their businesses.

3. The Faces Behind The Brands - Get to know the people behind the brands you love. "Faces Behind the Brands" reveals who they are.

4. 75 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur Right Now - Here's Part 1 of our tally of the many ways the culture, the economy, and entrepreneurship's own history are making this the best time to be building a business.

5. Top 10 Industries to Start and Grow a Business - chose 10 industries that are projected to have huge growth -- and opportunities.

Check out all the slide show resource links at:

Enjoy the slidesows! The Web Success Coach

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