Sunday, March 19, 2006

Have You SEEN The New AOL Television Website?

New AOL Television Site Launches...

Remember these shows: 'Welcome Back, Kotter,' 'Growing Pains,' 'Wonder Woman,' 'La Femme Nikita,' 'Alice,' 'Kung Fu,' 'Babylon 5' and many more...

AOL and Warner Bros. have teamed up In2TV is the first broadband TV network and it's got the largest collection of free TV shows anywhere on the Web. Not just highlights or listings, but full-length TV episodes with a range of choices and loads of interactive features. Online. Anytime. Always free.

Well I must admit AOL, Warner Bros and In2TV has done something totally cool here. Rumor has it the first day of launch the site was swamped with TONS and TONS new lookers and TV show lovers!

I think the Web TV Traffic has only just begun...

In my opinion this is just the tip of the iceberg for Internet TV and Video. "The World is ready for it now, really wants it, lots of it!!" More of us have grown with the technology and now have the knowledge and means to really enjoy it and appreciate the convenience of having it.

I recommend you ALL take a look at the new site and enjoy those old TV shows you watched as a kid, teenager, or perhaps for many of you young people this will be the first time you get to see what your parents watched before you were even on planet Earth, right from your Computer or iPod!

Check it out today at:

Enjoy! - The Web Success Coach

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