Saturday, August 19, 2006

Major Announcement from The Web Success Coach - I am growing like Jack and the Beanstalk!

I am growing like Jack and the Beanstalk... I am proud to announce my new Client: I am now representing Sponsortech Inc. As Director of Marketing & Sales. I truly believe Sponsoring Events and Festivals is a huge Benefit to companies and most importantly it can really help your BRAND Exposure Nationwide.

Sponsortech (in my opinion) is the Perfect Online and Offline Event/Festival Sponsorship Solution on the Web!

Sponsortech Inc. is dedicated to providing ALL Types of Brands, Event & Festival Sponsorship Marketing Success Nationwide!

Sponsortech specializes in matching all types of Brands, products and services with appropriate Event and Festival Sponsorship Opportunities within ANY Demographics Nationwide for Targeted Marketing Success.

The membership provides SEVERAL benefits, watch for all new services coming in September 2006!

Register and Submit your Event/Festival for FREE today at:

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if I can help you get your BRAND, PRODUCT or SERVICE more exposure by face to face Sponsorship Event opportunities, and our new online membership packages include proven strategies and techniques strickly structured for ROI purposes. More to come...

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