Thursday, February 08, 2007

Choosing The Proper Shopping Cart For Your Biz...

Recommending a Great Online Shopping Cart Comparison Site...

There are so many different Online Shopping Carts out there, which one is right for you? The truth is no one can tell you which cart or version of a cart is perfect for your business. Only you know your business like you know your business, but we can help you narrow down the field based upon which options you decide you need for an effective internet business. When evaluating different carts, you should keep three things in mind as criteria for selection: costs, functionality, and ease of use.

1. Cost – There is a range of different pricing for online shopping carts. The main difference across all carts is if they have a one time fee, or an ongoing monthly or per transaction fee. Evaluate these options based on the architecture of your business model. It may be better to have monthly fixed costs, rather than upfront fees or vice versa. Be sure to familiarize yourself with any contract terms before you commit to a cart.

2. Functionality – Each internet business has different functional requirements. A site that sells software via downloads will not need a shipping cost calculator in their cart, and similarly a site selling Beanie Babies will not need a digital download function in their cart. You can use’s Cart Functions page to research the different available options. This should help you decide which functions best suit your particular business needs.

3. Ease of Use – Everyone has a different level of computer skill, and different carts may frustrate or confuse based upon that level of skill. There are carts that offer a minimum of different options and functions that are perfect for users that may not feel comfortable with a multitude of options, but these same carts would frustrate a more advanced user due to the lack of options. The opposite could be said about the more complex carts. Use the guide on the cart comparison page or visit the cart’s homepage to determine if the cart is right for your level of computer skill.

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