Monday, May 14, 2007

Awesome New Geo Keyword Research Tool...

If you've ever tried Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, then you know this to be true...

The more targeted your keywords, the better the result.

For example, when you are first creating your keyword list, you want the list to be as big as possible. It's important to think like your customer.

What terms would your customers use to describe your products or services?

Once you've generated some appropriate keywords, you then want to get a little creative by expanding your list to include as many relevant variations as possible.

Things like alternate spellings (e.g. light, lite), plurals, and synonyms are all examples
of strategies to expand your keyword list.

Then you want to "scrub" your keyword list and get rid of any terms that maybe too
generic. Basically you want to get rid of keywords that are going to bring you
untargeted traffic.

Here's an example...

If we were advertising Harley Davidson parts, the keyword "bike" would also bring in
searches for bicycles. Obviously that's useless to us which is why you'll want to get rid of these generic terms.

There's no sense in paying for keywords that won't convert into sales!

Once you've scrubbed your list, the third step is to target your keywords by adding some
matching options.

Using phrase, exact, or negative matches can help you keep your costs low.

Here's what I mean...

Phrase Match - If you enter your keyword in quotation marks, as in "tennis shoes," your
ad will appear when a user searches on the phrase tennis shoes, in this order, and possibly with other terms in the query. For example, your ad will appear for the query red tennis shoes but not for the phrase "shoes for tennis". Phrase matching is more targeted than broad matching, but slightly more flexible than exact matching.

Exact Match - If you surround your keywords in brackets-such as [tennis shoes]-your ads
will appear when users search for the specific phrase "tennis shoes", in this order, and without any other terms in the query.

For example, your ad won't show for the query red tennis shoes. Exact matching is the most
targeted option.

Negative Keyword - If your keyword is tennis shoes and you make it a negative keyword by
adding a minus sign such as "-red", your ad will not appear when a user searches on "red tennis shoes". It allows you to eliminate unwanted keywords.

By applying more focused matching options to your keywords, you can reach the most
appropriate prospects, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

With that in mind, there is also one extremely powerful piece of software that top
marketers have been desperately trying to keep under the radar.

It gives you the ability to take one keyword and turn it into over 65,000 in less than 10

Here's the best part...

They are ALL ultra targeted!

Furthermore, you can also use the same strategies we talked about above with the
phrase, exact and negative keyword matching. It really gives you tremendous power with your PPC advertising.

It's called GeoKeyword Generator.

If you are serious about advertising your products and services online, it really is a
must have tool.

There are a lot of other powerful features and I recommend you take a look.


I don't think I mentioned that you can not only target country and states or provinces but also things like cities, towns, populations and so much more. It even generates the list of cities and states (including abbreviations) for you so you don't have to know any of these ahead of time!

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