Sunday, May 13, 2007

7 Important Web Terms Every Business Owner Should Know...

1. Search Engine Rankings: The position a website has on a search results page when a particular keyword is searched for. One should only be concerned with rankings for Google, Yahoo and MSN Search at this time, as other engines either do not have material amounts of traffic, or are actually driven by one of the big three search engines.

2. Search Engine Marketing: The marketing of one's website through a search engine, whether through paid search or search engine optimization. Abbreviated as SEM.

3. Search Engine Optimization: Techniques used to improve a website's rankings in the search engines. Consists of on-page optimization, indexing improvements and link building. Abbreviated as SEO.

4. Flog: A fake blog, generally created to promote for a particular company, product, or idea.

5. Inbound Links: Links coming into a site from another site.

6. Paid Search: An advertising method that involves the purchasing of traffic from search engines. Advertising is attached to individual keywords and is generally purchased via a pay per click financial model

7. Local Search: Any of a number of search engine marketing techniques that cater to geographically specific businesses (e.g. plumbers, doctors and restaurants etc...). Local search can be either paid search advertising or natural search listings.

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