Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Search Engine Keyword Tips...

Search Engine Keywords are the words and phrases that people search for in search engines. It is important to use search engine keywords in your documents because that is how the search engines score you and thus rank your site. Higher ranking web sites get more traffic and make more sales. If you choose your search engine keywords wisely you will get years and years of free search engine traffic.

The biggest and best search engine keyword tip is to use: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ the overture search engine keyword tool to research your words and phrases. Basically, type in a single popular word and see what comes back. This tool will tell you how many searches different words and phrases had in the last month. With this information you can build your pages around what is popular, ensuring you'll have plenty of customers that want your products.

Here is a list of search engine keyword tips that will help you when you describe your products:

  • Use Phrases instead of single words. You stand a better chance of winning the search engine wars, and it helps to narrow down exactly what people are searching for.
  • Make each page for a particular keyword phrase. You should have a new page for each term you want a good ranking on.
  • Instead of using words like "it, this, that, item" use the actual search engine keyword throughout your article.
  • Don't use the search engine keyword more than about 1 of 20 words. More is considered spamming.
  • Put the search engine key phrases in strong and emphasis HTML tags once or twice
  • Don't use more than 2 directory levels when naming files. website.com/one/two/file.html is as deep as spiders will go
  • Only put keywords in metatags that actually appear in your document
  • Use 350 to 2000 words in your document
  • use pictures, with file names that have keywords in them
  • make sure that the keyphrase is in the title of your document and that the title matches what the document is about
  • put the key phrase in the first paragraph of your document, search engines read from the top down and give more weight to the higher text
  • include the paragraph tags properly in your document. Search engines look inside of those tags specifically
  • use key phrases in your file names and domain name: keyphrase.com/keyphrase/keyphrase.htm
  • use key phrases in your link, anchor and link title tags
  • use key prhases in table summaries
  • use key phrases in the image file name and alt tags
  • use key phrases in the names of your css, js and included files

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