Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What Recent Google Announcements Mean for Google - WebProNews Video

It is always interesting to find out what search industry veteran Danny Sullivan has to say about announcements pertaining to the Web. For this reason, WebProNews spoke with Sullivan at Google I/O to get his opinion on HTML5, Android, and Google TV...

As we have previously reported
, Adobe announced an update pack to Dreamweaver CS5 for HTML5. Since the announcement was made at Google I/O, Sullivan believes Google wants to publicly show that it embraces the idea of openness that HTML5 is built upon.

“It plays well with Google’s thing, which is… if you can get to everything on the Web, then Google thinks it’s going to win along the way,” says Sullivan.

In regards to Google TV, Sullivan is excited about the innovation but is curious about pricing. He specifically says, “It puts them [Google] into a place where people are spending hours of their day and not getting a chance to see any of Google’s ads…”

He points out that he would like to see Google TV integrated into cable company services. Despite all the excitement about Google TV, what does it mean for the iPad? Currently, many people use the iPad to look up items as they are watching TV. Google TV, however, could eliminate this need. In addition, Sullivan indicated that Google TV could lead to a greater adoption of Android devices since it runs Android apps.

There have also been many questions since Google has two operating systems: Chrome and Android. Sullivan tried to get Google to clarify the two moving forward but did not receive a definite response. The company hinted that it could unify Android and Chrome at some point in the future, but did not make any commitments that it would.

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