Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization from WebProNews Video

How do you approach conversion rate optimization? Khalid Saleh of Invesp tells WebProNews that many people make the mistake of taking an approach that is too simplistic. Although it’s easy to do with large sites, Saleh says it could be problematic since “[it] doesn’t mimic how visitors react or act on your website.”

Alternatively, he suggests looking at analytics to find the primary areas of focus. Once these areas are determined, think about the customer and what he or she wants instead of simply making uncalculated changes.

Although changes will vary from site to site, Saleh recommends taking things such ad spend into account. In addition, he advises people to look at their analytics to see the navigational path users take. This not only helps site owners understand where the customers are going, but it also could identify any areas that they themselves need to modify.

By taking these factors into consideration, Saleh says people could see meaningful increases in conversion rates. Are you paying attention to these areas?

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