Thursday, July 08, 2010

Building an Effective Social Media Strategy - WebProNews Video

As marketers, what goals do you have with social media? Most marketers use social for efforts such as branding, promotion, and visibility. Interestingly, marketers do not usually consider the benefits that search and social provide together...
According to Rebecca Lieb of Econsultancy, most marketers aren’t aware of how closely the two are tied. For instance, when a user signs into Google and searches for a query, he can see real-time social search results in addition to the other results. Specifically, he can see a live Twitter feed and anything that people within his social circle are saying, related to his query.

While still talking about social media, Lieb brings up two areas that marketers have not fully grasped. They are: strategy and execution. So many marketers are jumping on the social media bandwagon with a FacebookTwitter account to simply keep up with the times. However, this is not the way that people succeed in social media. page or

As part of a social media strategy, marketers need to know what they want to accomplish, who they are trying to reach, how they are going to communicate with the target, and more. Many people perceive social as something that is free, but as Lieb points out, nothing is free.

To be truthful, social media takes lots of time and resources. If marketers calculate these factors into their strategy, their chances for social success will increase.

On a different note, Lieb also tells WebProNews that she is encouraged by current developments taking place regarding net neutrality.  She believes the U.S. is on the right track to improve the necessity of high-speed and open Web access.

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