Friday, August 27, 2010

Video: How Retailers Can Leverage the Economic Comeback

Video: How Retailers Can Leverage the Economic Comeback:

Fortunately, online retailers are beginning to see the economy bounce back. According to Ryan Gibson, the Vice President of Marketing at The Rimm-Kaufman Group, online retailers are seeing improvements in conversion rates.

As the economy continues to turn around, there are some elements that retailers should apply to better leverage the comeback. From a paid search perspective, Gibson recommends that retailers update their keywords based on incoming inventory.


During the recession, many retailers cut back on their inventory. Now that the economy is starting to improve, they are ordering more products. Gibson says retailers need to make sure that their new inventory is represented in paid search. He also adds that retailers need to optimize pages to guarantee that they are found in the search engines. Ultimately, no one will benefit if the new inventory cannot be found.

Gibson also tells WebProNews that The Rimm-Kaufman Group is adding products. In the past, the company focused primarily on paid search. As Gibson explains, it is now adding an attribution management component that will help its clients understand what is happening outside of paid search. RKG will talk with clients about the data it collects and help them build an attribution model.

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