Monday, November 07, 2005

How Important is Networking in Your Everyday Life?

Networking in your everyday life, it is simple, a must and very important...

This past weekend I attended an incredible art exhibit of my good friend Eric Zammitt, at the Newspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

As I walked into the reception area and noticed several people of all ages mingling looking at his art, talking, sipping wine and eating cheese.

I saw a perfect networking opportunity all around me...

The first thing I noticed were people saying hello, introducing themselves to each other and the first question was "so what do you do for work"?

Is that not the perfect question? Now that opens the door for you to make that connection about what you do and who you are!

Within one minute you can accomplished these 3 things:

1. Make a connection with that person (introduction).
2. Hand out a business card.

3. Deliver a 30 second elevator speech about your business.

If you think about this, every place you go can become a great networking
opportunity and you can have fun while doing it!

You never want to miss a chance to be able to meet new people and get the word out about yourself and your business, you just never know who you might meet, and who you are handing your card to!

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