Sunday, December 31, 2006

Having GOOD Title Tags in YOUR Website is a Must!

Title Tags are VERY Important...

The "title tag" in your website HTML is the phrase you choose to name your site. The general rule in framing your title is: 'what's right for people is generally wrong for search engines'. Essentially, you should try to incorporate your major key phrases into the "title tag". Just make a list of them and try to incorporate them in the title. The fact is it really doesn't matter whether your site title is a million miles away from your own name, or the actual name of your business. It's simply a device for gaining the attention of the robots.

A title tag can contain up to twenty words; but more doesn't mean better. Eight to twelve well chosen words is more than sufficient.
For best results, the first (short) phrase of the title tag should be geared towards the human reader, while the remainder can be key words aimed at the robot. Bear in mind that the search engine will display only the first few words of the title tag anyway.

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