Monday, December 11, 2006

Providing A Trusted Online Testimonial Solution...

I saw this website today and thought I would share it. I keep
getting asked about the quality and trust of online testimonials...

Customers are becoming increasingly skeptical. They need quick ways to identify credible sites from the billions of web pages indexed by the search engines.

Using the Trusted Testimonials seal on your website and link in your emails provides potential customers with instant access to certified testimonials from your satisfied customers. This provides you with instant credibility and puts your trust-building on auto-pilot.

Trusted Testimonials provides the world's first verification service for online testimonials. By collecting, verifying and certifying your testimonials on your site and in your emails, the service helps you build trust with potential customers and close more sales.

Collect, Verify, and Certify Your Company's Testimonials.

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